New projects…

I’ve got a few projects that I’m starting now.

First, If you have ever had a college class in a large lecture hall, chances are you’ve had to purchase a wireless remote (like an iClicker) that provides attendance checking and multi-button responses for in-class multiple choice questions. If you have been alive and not hiding under a rock for the past few years, chances are that you have played Guitar Hero (or rock band, I guess). Now I would like to draw the obvious comparison between the iClicker and Guitar Hero guitar. Both have five buttons. Now, I don’t have a class that requires an iClicker, but my friend Eugene does. He has kindly donated his for this project, and he will reap the benefits of having to lug a toy guitar to class!  I ordered a wireless PS2 Guitar off ebay for 20$ and it arrived earlier in the week. I finally got my hands on the iClicker today and I have one week until I need to either give it back to my friend (functioning and finished) or buy him a new one.

The second project still in design is a steam-punk device. I can say it has turbine powered illumination… Well you’ll see some sketches and schematics soon enough.

I’ll be getting some images and project pages up for these two soon!


3 Responses to “New projects…”

  1. Drew Harwell Says:

    I was just thinking exactly this the other day, but backwards (using the iClicker as a guitar hero controller). I’m really stoked to see how that project turns out.

  2. Hey, could you possibly upload pictures of the circuit board inside of the iclicker? I would like to use a microcontroller to send messages through the keys to the main hub like, “hey this is a useless piece of shit.”

    • I no longer have access to that clicker. however, I was given another one that included a keypad. If i can find it, I will post pics, perhaps a teardown…

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