The Banshee: Quick-Implementation Audio Rifle

I found a local store ( with bins and boxes full of loose electronics, old devices, overstock, crap, ancient electronics, and everything else your neighborhood RadioCrap doesn’t. On my first shopping spree today I found a small 110 db 12v siren.

After scrounging through some closets, I came across the perfect housing to weaponize my new screamer: an 18″ plastic margarita/frozen drink collector cup from Las Vegas. Its got a large base and 12″ of neck just about the size of the siren. The kicker is the neck of the container, which flares outward in a cone.

I cut up the base and using some zipties and a plastic cup, I mounted the Siren inside, butted up to an 8xAA Battery pack. I used a wooden clothespin and some wire to make a momentary contact switch and stuffed all the wires back inside.

The best feature is the long neck and flared neck which prevents the sound from having devastating effect on the operator.

I would post pics, but I dont think this one merits any really. Its a 10 minute throw-together.


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