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Posted in Uncategorized on February 18, 2010 by xeracy

…or at least know stock features before attempting to add your own.

I recently got a used ’94 GMC Vandura. The thing is a beast, but its radio lacks a tape deck. So i decided to re purpose my old DLO car iPod dock and FM transmitter to take an audio signal in.

I pulled the thing apart, documenting as i went to post on this very blog. I got extremely lucky as my first three wire guesses were spot on (Audio Gnd, L-Channel, R-Channel). Withing 15 min i had audio coming out of my computer, into the transmitter and out of my alarmclock/radio!

I began looking for a good place to solder my leads when i noticed something odd. It looked as though the traces led straight to the audio jack on the side of the unit! I couldn’t tell for sure, so a quick rearranging of plugs and i had the same result as tapping directly into the dock’s leads.

I swallowed my pride, having thought this project was almost done, when in actuality, it was never needed to begin with.

Lesson Learned. RTFM or know a device’s stock feature set before modding unnecessarily.


New projects…

Posted in Uncategorized on September 26, 2008 by xeracy

I’ve got a few projects that I’m starting now.

First, If you have ever had a college class in a large lecture hall, chances are you’ve had to purchase a wireless remote (like an iClicker) that provides attendance checking and multi-button responses for in-class multiple choice questions. If you have been alive and not hiding under a rock for the past few years, chances are that you have played Guitar Hero (or rock band, I guess). Now I would like to draw the obvious comparison between the iClicker and Guitar Hero guitar. Both have five buttons. Now, I don’t have a class that requires an iClicker, but my friend Eugene does. He has kindly donated his for this project, and he will reap the benefits of having to lug a toy guitar to class!  I ordered a wireless PS2 Guitar off ebay for 20$ and it arrived earlier in the week. I finally got my hands on the iClicker today and I have one week until I need to either give it back to my friend (functioning and finished) or buy him a new one.

The second project still in design is a steam-punk device. I can say it has turbine powered illumination… Well you’ll see some sketches and schematics soon enough.

I’ll be getting some images and project pages up for these two soon!